An entrace that instantly seduce

Located at 12, rue de Sévigné, in the heart of the Marais, this location has always been a favorite for the founders of L'Atelier Parfum, who had considered opening a boutique. Passers-by cannot resist the immediate attraction of the entrance. Two large glass doors, opened in good weather, reveal a space that perfectly reflects the essence of the brand. Both refined and bursting with color, you have the impression of entering an art gallery.


The 50m2 space was designed as a gallery of olfactory emotions by interior designer Bertrand Fairerol, who drew his inspiration from the design of the bottles. Here, shelves full of products have given way to an elegant display on colorful, specially designed, custom-made ceramic pieces. Coral for Exquise Tentation, turquoise for Hot Splash, pink for Coeur de Pétales... The refined wood of the bottle covers is also found on the large handle of the front door and on the armchairs, all custom designed by the architect. Craftsmanship, a fundamental value of the brand, is sublimely represented.


The founders explain: “Our objective was to create a living space, a living and constantly evolving place. » They also have a surprise in store: every four months, to the rhythm of the seasons, a work of art signed by a young French artist will be exhibited on the wall of expressions in the entrance to the store. The first work, by Nadège Dauvergne, recalls the optical technique of the Impressionists, but is distinguished by its superimposed hatching creating a colorful mesh. For L'Atelier Parfum, she reinterpreted "Les Fleurs du Lac" by Edgard Maxence, representing three distinct women, each embodying an Opus from the collection.


Finally, the customer experience is enriched by an emotional facial tablet, a fun tool that allows customers to find the perfume that matches their current emotion using artificial intelligence. A space where emotions mingle with the art of perfume, this is what L’Atelier Parfum offers at 12, rue de Sévigné.